The happy season is around the bend and the young women out there must be befuddled about what to wear. Furthermore, some will be exhausted of wearing same lehengas, over and over, how about we add some add some shading to your old exhausting lehengas by hanging it in an unexpected way. With the goal that you gain consideration from everybody.

The first is the attach to the midriff as the name recommends you have to attach your dupatta to your midsection with the end goal to execute this style keep your dupatta to your shoulder level and after that alter the length of the pallu enabling it to fall beneath your knees and take the opposite end of the dupatta and place it so that the outskirt is obvious crease it around your abdomen .

In the second style, your dupatta is put in an angular shape and that is the reason it is named as the v pallu it is a changed form of the Gujarati style if yours is an architect lehengas you can experiment with this look tuck one corner of the dupatta to one side of your lehenga, later on, make pellets and after that protected it with a stick ensure that you get an ideal angular shape .

The third style is substantially more fascinating it has been motivated by the Bengali saree this style is known as the bong contact with the end goal to get this look you have to crease your dupatta on the correct shoulder and secure it with a stick. Take one corner of the dupatta from the front side and fold it over your waste tuck to the lehenga.

Presently take the corner side of the dupatta and convey it to your shoulder and crease it.

Post & Image Source: Hamsaro




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